Administrative Messages API Schema

Administrative Messages API Schema

Administrative messages exchanged via the Medfusion Patient API must conform to the schema defined in the AdministrativeMessages.xsd, which imports common.xsd:

The AdministrativeMessages (root element) is comprised of a header section and at least one element from one of the message types.

The header is made up of the Sender, Partner and Destination elements. The Sender is the only element in the header that is mandatory. It states what device created the message and is used by Medfusion for identification.

There are currently two types of defined administrative messages with more to be added. All of these messages contain the base elements that are in the Secure Message Type, plus specific elements for each type of message.

  • Secure Message: This is the General Message without any pre-defined purpose.
  • Ask a *: This is asking a specific question to a practice. The types of allowed questions along with the configuration of the question will be done in Site Generator for that Practice. Examples include:
    • Ask a Nurse
    • Ask a Doctor
    • Ask a Biller

The following are the other types of Messages which are currently available:

  • Appointment Request
  • Prescription Renewal Request

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