CCD API Overview

CCD API Overview

The purpose of the CCD API is to allow practices and other providers to send clinical data to Medfusion systems so that patients can view the information in their personal health records.
Send clinical data that patients can view in the Medfusion Patient Portal.
Example CCD information:
  • Initial enounter information
  • Lab results
  • Lists of medications, immunizations, or procedures
  • Clinical information shared by other providers


The Continuity of Care Document (CCD) API allows providers and practices to send CCD data from practice systems to Medfusion systems so that registered patients can view the information in the Medfusion Patient Portal. This is a critical piece of Meaningful Use Stage 2 certification: patients must be able to view their health information online, download it, or transmit it to a third party.

The CCD data must be in Consolidated CDA format for MU2-qualifying activities, but C32 CDA format can be used if the practice is not trying for MU2 certification. You should validate CCD data before POSTing it to Medfusion systems. Two publicly available validation sites are:

Note: Use the Patient API to send non-clinical patient information, and to retrieve information that patients enter in the Patient Portal.

Use Case Workflow

  1. Practice/provider uses the partner system to select and send clinical data to patient.
  2. Partner system formats the data as CCD XML.
  3. Partner system POSTs the data to Medfusion system.
  4. Medfusion system validates message and sends response code, then processes valid messages asynchronously.
  5. Medfusion system notifies patient that they have received a new message.
  6. Patient signs in to the Patient Portal to view the message and clinical data.

Request Workflow

The CCD API workflow requires the partner system to send individual CCDs to Medfusion using the HTTP POST method. The GET method is not supported for ccd resources. CCDs are processed asynchronously.

Best Practices

  • Validate your CCD XML before sending it. You can check out the validators listed above.
  • Medfusion APIs will follow the standard ISO8601 formats for all time elements, unless otherwise noted.
    The standard format will include the timezone. For UTC (the preferred time zone to be used for timestamps), the time zone is specified as ‘Z’. The API documentation will clearly specify any deviation from the ISO8601 recommendation.
    For example, an alternative format is to specify timestamps as epochs since January 1, 1970, 00:00:00 UTC, either in seconds (POSIX time) or milliseconds (Java).


CCD Schema