Update Virtual Card Swiper or Pay Now Payments: POST payments

Update Virtual Card Swiper or Pay Now Payments: POST payments

Update the Medfusion system when a payment previously retrieved using the GET payments call is posted to a patient’s account. Reference the payment ID received to do this.

HTTP Method
Required URI Values
The domain name of the test or production system.

  • Test system: integration.demo.medfusion.net
  • Production system: integration.medfusion.net
The unique practice integration ID for a given practice. Medfusion will provide a practice ID that you can use during development.

Success Response
  • 202 – Accepted. The message has passed XML validation, been stored, and will be processed later. There may still be errors found when it is processed.
Error Response
  • 400 – Bad request. The data given in the HTTP request failed validation.
  • 401 – Unauthorized request. Check the OAuth attributes.
  • 404 – Not found. The requested resource was not found in the server.
  • 415 – Unsupported media type. The server could not process the request because the content type specified in the request header is not supported.

Sample Call
(Virtual Card Swiper)
HTTP Request

POST https://integration.medfusion.net/v1/practice/1c7ecf9f-9700-4e70-b976-9356db658274/payments?paymentType=vcsPayment


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
      <Sender deviceName="12.5"/>
      <Partner deviceName="Test Application"/>
      <Destination deviceName="Test Destination Name"/>
   <Payment id="782b8228-2527-4e2a-825c-a4afabe74ae0">
      <PaymentType>VCS Payment</PaymentType>
      Note: There is no PracticePatientId; the payment is made on behalf of the patient, not by the patient.
      Note: The status changes to POSTED.
         <PatientName>Carmen Garcia</PatientName>
         <CardholderName>Michael Garcia</CardholderName>
         <ServiceLocation>Main Office</ServiceLocation>